Live stream: the couriers set the agenda (2021/02/08)


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Automated transcript

Archive version of my Twitch stream from February 8, 2021. I'm waiting for a delivery of miscellaneous hardware from Canadian Tire. While I wait, I get some work done on assembled Middle Path Oscillators and Transistor ADSRs. Then, the package arrives and I do a bit of show and tell.

With the goodies from the package, I do some solvent tests, to see what if anything will dissolve the solder mask on my circuit boards, and the UV ink on my printed panels. Then (having discovered that none of my solvents will help much for this) I start removing the print from a batch of bad panels, as the start of what would eventually become the Custom Panel Edition modules.

Commentary in this episode: the etymology of "peelers"; IRC chat and other Twitch inside baseball; the Chinese reject panel story and other adventures with overseas contractors; and my teenage mad scientist manifesto.

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